My goal is to send a lot of positive energy to as many people as possible around the world with music, as the songs are made for the world! 

The message in all songs is that we have to stay together, to respect our planet and each other in order to make the life on Earth nice again, for more people than before. We don't know exactly how long will this whole thing last. Even the scientists, virologists, politicians and many others don't know. They all underestimated this current situation. But we do know that we have to be responsible and that we all have something inside us that can make this world a paradise again. 

So let's be all united to overcome this global crisis. But after everything is over and we can live our lives „normally“ again, probably it's not going to be the same as we are used to. And then is more important than anything that we start to help people and encourage them. A lot of people will struggle for years to come back to where they were. They will all need positive thoughts and positive vibes. The songs are made to encourage people, to think about the life we had before and the future to come.

Were we good enough as a human race? 

In many ways we did great things for the human race. We brought so many inovations to this world  that that's is incredible. The world is full of genius minds. We have so many good athletes around the world, so many kinds of artists and hundreds of other jobs and passions in which people are successfull. They all motivate us to try to be better from day to day. And that's the way we should go. Each one of us has to take responsibility and if we all try to give something positive to the world, our lives are going to be good. Together we have great power. 

The nature shows us that it can live much better without us. It's recovering well since we are not around too much. Probably wouldn't mind staying this way. So we don't have to take all the things that have been given us for granted. We have so many beautiful seas, lakes, mountains, forests, rivers, islands, animals, flowers and thousands of wonders that we can enjoy in. There are a lot of  wonderful people around the world that could make the world better for much more other people. But there are also some people that are not doing good things for this world. Hopefully they will also start to be aware that only doing positive things for the world can bring us forward. 

We must help people that will really need our help, so that more people can live their lives worthy. If all the human beings on Earth would follow this simple rule, instead of devastating in some cases, more people would live better on Earth, and that's the point. 

So let's stay united and make this world a paradise, as it is! 

Wish you all good luck and good health! And mental health as well! 

Igor Anicic